Lysias provides insights

For today's and tomorrow's challenges. Working towards a better and inclusive Netherlands.

Established in 2000

Clients in the public domain engage Lysias in their strategic challenges, policy innovation, and sensitive organisational changes. Through research and advise we provide insights and help our clients achieve their ambitions by understanding their issues. We develop new perspectives and create innovative solutions by connecting the relevant stakeholders and engage them in the mission at hand. Our strength lies in creating better policies and improving or even transforming organisational performance.

What we do

Creating societal impact and adding value to our society are our main motivators in our daily work.

We undertake various types of advisory assignments, we categorise them into the following propositions:

  • Excellent committee support
  • Distinctive research
  • Outcome-focused implementation
  • Smart financing
  • Future-proof organisation


Apart from advisement we also provide customised training for our clients, our colleagues provide interim solutions and we provide in depth research, evaluation and monitoring. If you would like to learn more about our services please go to insights, and learn more about our work.

Lysias themes

Our work revolves around content. We understand what matters to our clients. Themes we work on include:

  • Broad prosperity
  • Culture and heritage
  • Economy, Labor market and innovation
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Climate adaptation
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Rural regions and rural development
  • Human factor and end-user perspective
  • (Life long) Education
  • Governance, organising and collaborating
  • Spatial planning and area development
  • State aid and funding
  • Safety, security and enforcement matters
  • Health, Welfare and wellbeing

Always in close collaboration

Our advisors operate in the broad public domain. From municipalities to social organisations, from joint arrangements to healthcare and welfare.

We bring broad experience in making better connections between organisations, such as triple helix and quadruple helix collaboration. Making better connections between policy (government) and science (academia) is another quality Lysias brings.

In all our projects we work for and with our clients to stay connected and achieve the most appropriate and optimal results.


Sharp, open, and involved

That’s what defines us. We serve as the critical friend of our clients. When things get really complex, we’re there for you. We are a diverse team that cares about each other and highly values teamwork. This is what makes us a strong and reliable partner and sets us apart. Our team is mission driven, we are: public administration experts, economists, anthropologists, legal experts, and historians.

Open voor ontmoeting

Lysias is volop in ontwikkeling en staat altijd open om kennis te maken met toptalent. Zie je aanknopingspunten om met jouw talent ons team te versterken, of zie je mogelijkheden voor samenwerking? Of heb je interesse in een van de vacatures? We horen graag van je!